Chorley’s four Labour Councillors vote against call to work with OFSTED to raise school standards

All four of Chorley's Labour county councillors last week voted against a County Council motion calling on the council "to work with OFSTED to raise standards and to support all Lancashire's schools to achieve the highest possible outcomes for our children".

County Councillor Aidy Riggott commented "Despite the strong arguments outlined in the debate detailing the great work OFSTED does right across Lancashire, what can only be seen as full-throated support for the Corbyn project here in Chorley, all four of Chorley's Labour County Councillors all voted against the motion."

County Councillor Aidy Riggott who spoke in support of the motion in the debate adds “This is just another in long line of examples that shows how far the Labour Party here in Chorley have drifted from moderate, sensible opinions on the everyday things that matter to our residents. Residents should remember the Labour Party’s stance here in Chorley on raising standards in education, the next time Labour Councillors stand outside our schools handing out their Labour leaflets!”

All our Chorley’s Conservative Lancashire County Councillors, Keith Iddon (Chorley Rural West), Andrew Snowden (Hoghton with Wheelton) and Aidy Riggott (Euxton, Buckshaw & Astley) voted in support of the motion.


How councillors voted across Lancashire

For (45)


T Ashton

A Clempson

A Hosker

J Rear

P Steen

M Barron

J Cooney

K Iddon

P Rigby

J Sumner

P Britcliffe

G Driver

A Kay

A Riggott

C Towneley

I Brown

C Edwards

J Marsh

M Salter

S Turner

P Buckley

D Foxcroft

S Morris

A Schofield

A Vincent

J Burrows

A Gardiner

E Nash

J Shedwick

C Wakeford

S Charles

G Gooch

D O'Toole

D Smith

G Wilkins

A Cheetham

M Green

E Pope

A Snowden

P Williamson

S Clarke

P Greenall

J Purcell

D Stansfield

B Yates


Against (29)


T Aldridge

M Dad

J Gibson

S Malik

M Parkinson

A Ali

B Dawson

N Hennessy

T Martin

J Parr

L Beavers

F De Molfetta

S Holgate

J Mein

M Pattison

J Berry

G Dowding

M Iqbal

J Molineux

K Snape

L Cox

K Ellard

H Khan

Y Motala

M Tomlinson

C Crompton

J Fillis

E Lewis

G Oliver



Abstain (4)


P Hayhurst

D Howarth

E Oades

D Whipp






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