HGV frustrations for villagers

Buckshaw Village have again experienced HGV vehicles getting themselves stuck while trying to take shortcuts through the village. This is inspire of signs having been recently erected, making it quite clear that there is no HGV access. County Councillor Aidy Riggott commented:

“I am absolutely amazed to see another HGV vehicle has attempted to short cut through the residential streets of Buckshaw Village. It is quite simply hard to believe this has happened, especially as it’s a domestic based company, given the prominence and size of the signs warning drivers that Redrow kindly installed at each of Main Street following my campaign. 

I will be contacting the HGV company concerned and asking them to ensure all drivers are made aware of the correct route and will also be sending them photos of the large signs their driver has clearly ignored!

This is unacceptable for residents to have to put up with and it is entirely preventable when drivers use the correct sat nav software and pay attention to the warning signs.”