Labour forced to look again at Lancashire County closure plans

Following county-wide uproar, Conservative councillors, along with even some from the controlling group, have successfully forced Labour's plan to close county libraries to be examined again.

The Labour controlled Lancashire County Council first announced their decision to close a large number of libraries and children centres in February 2016.   A Property Review was carried out through a public consultation over the summer, with its finding being made known to the public recently. 

Communities across the county have been campaigning and voicing their heart-felt concerns over the closures.

Last week Conservative councillors along with some from the controlling party raised many concerns from those communities that would see their libraries closed.

The Conservative group raised again their was no actual need to close any libraries had the council accepted the Conservative amendment made to the budget in February 2016. There is money available and also questioned why the council were now actually planning to close some libraries earlier than they had even planned for, to check the methodology used and how the original decision was arrived at.

County Councillor Mark Perks who represent Chorley North which covers Astley and Buckshaw Villages, Clayton le Woods, Euxton and Whittle le Woods  said, “I met with property officers earlier this year making the case as to why the Clayton Green, Euxton and Chorley Central libraries need to remain open.

I also kept up the pressure on why libraries are so important to communities at every opportunity by joining and supporting the well supported campaigns run in Chorley. I was pleased the review recognises the need for the libraries I fought for, remain open but I also support the principle claim every library need to remain open for all.“

The Call In held at County Hall last Thursday was successful and so the original decision is now going back to the Labour cabinet tomorrow (Monday) for it to to be looked at again.

The Labour cabinet will meet again tomorrow (Monday) to re-examine their decision..